August 6, 2014

Unintentional Radio Silence

Writing is something I don't naturally enjoy. Once I'm in the habit of writing, I can carry on like it ain't no thang, but if I ever get out of the habit? Well, I don't write a darn word for almost four months. In an effort of writing again and documenting our lives, here's what we were up to, April through July:

We still exist! Easter Sunday 2014, photo by my sister

April: April saw me working the most I ever have in my entire life (first and hopefully only weekend plus lots of late nights). I got a teeny glimpse of what it's like to be Spencer, and I honestly have no idea how he works those hours on a regular basis. NO IDEA. For Easter we went up to Massachusetts to be with my family, but with a quick stop in Boston! I hadn't been to the actual city of Boston in ages, and then I went two months in a row (March with my older sister and April to crash Spencer's work trip for a night)! Such a cute city. April's most notable happening was that it was my in-laws last month of living in New York. When not at work or in Massachusetts, we spent all of our free time with Spencer's parents, who moved on May 2nd after living in the NYC suburbs for 36 years. After a month in Utah, they moved to Tokyo where my father-in-law is doing legal work for our church, and my mother-in-law is doing service work. (See more of their adventures on their blog.) We miss them terribly, and I'm in denial that they are never moving back here. Sob!

May: We were both still working a lot in May, but never fear, good times were had. We did a fair amount of biking on the weekends, and I ran two races in my quest to do the 9+1 program for entrance to the NYC 2015 marathon. This marked the 3rd year in a row that I did the Brooklyn Half Marathon, and my gosh, I love that race. I hope to do it every year we live here. Memorial Day weekend saw us in DC for a day for Spencer's cousin's wedding (I was sooooo happy to be farther south for a bit!), work for Spencer, and then more biking and delicious tacos.

June: I was not working a lot in June (just assume that Spencer always is), and it was a pretty chill month. Spencer and I are trying to adjust to spending our summer Saturdays in the city, when normally we'd be with his parents, waterskiing on the lake. Sigh...I didn't run much as I've had some tendinitis issues that needed to heal, so no races. I did go to my first concert in NYC - Ingrid Michaelson at Terminal 5 with a couple of girlfriends. It was a blast, and Ingrid Michaelson was fantastic live. My sister Jenna came into town one weekend with a friend, so I hung out with them a bit, and then we went out to Fire Island another weekend when Spencer's sister Liz was there. Go check out her photos - they are gorgeous. We ate the fanciest meal of our lives, and went to another wedding! A close friend got married at the very tippy-tip of Manhattan, across from the Statue of Liberty with a gorgeous sunset in the background. We then ate and danced the night away, and it was perfect.

July: Again, work was kinda slow, so I found other things to fill my time. I started taking Excel classes after work, learning how to do VBA Macros, and yeah, I watch a lot of tv. For the 4th, we went up to Maine with the rest of my family, where we hiked and ate and saw fireworks and a parade. I always love going up there. I ran race #6 with Kiasa, my friend and running buddy who sadly moved to the suburbs. She was the one who got me through my first Brooklyn Half, and I was so happy to catch up with her. Spencer continued to work, including one weekend wherein he billed over 40 hours. Ouch. I planned a baby shower I'm throwing in August and OUR TRIP TO ITALY. We go in September, and I'm soooooo excited. Other than that, we try to enjoy the city on the weekends - get cheap eats in various neighborhoods, go to free concerts, and spend Sunday afternoons in Central Park.

So that's what we've been up to. I'm excited for August, which always seems like the start of summer for me (due to internships and bar exam in prior summers). Things have already looked up with us attending our fourth Shakespeare in the Park on Saturday and planning to bike Summer Streets this weekend!

P.S. no promises that I'll blog in the next four months :)

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  1. Hiiiiii, lady! So happy to see you pop up in my feed! Yay for all the good things going on here, and triple-quadriple boo for working on weekends and no more boating weekends. :(


  2. Hi!!! I'm glad you popped up. You're always a cheerful read. I was also curious where you took the Excel classes - online hopefully?

    1. sorry! they are at a local university, but they aren't matriculated courses. i'm sure there are good ones online.

    2. Too bad! Thanks for the reply and have a happy Friday tomorrow!

  3. It sounds like you have been busy in the live life to the fullest way! Way to go on all of your racing!! What is the 9+1 thing?
    And ITALY!!! All other things not blogged will be forgiven, but you better blog about Italy! ;)

  4. Glad your back... I've missed your posts since I vicariously experience NYC through your adventures :)

  5. You're you're you're! Stupid autocorrect!