April 9, 2014

Fabulous Bits of First Quarter 2014

I think it's high-time that I review some of the fabulous bits of the first quarter of 2014. Too easily can I forget them amidst all the cold and ennui that generally characterize January through March of basically every year ever and especially 2014. Therefore, here I am, putting the good stuff down on paper (well, internet), because guess what? It is possible to be happy in New York in February (video H/T Lauren).

Here's what I've loved about 2014 thus far:

 - Going up to Maine with friends for a long weekend. I just love, love, love going up to Maine, and we have such amazing friends.

 - Running a race a month. I'm doing the 9+1 program for guaranteed entrance to the 2015 NYC marathon, and 3 of the 4 races I ran this year (already did April's) qualify for the program. In May, I'll be knocking out 2 more races.

- Puerto Rico. duh.

- Biking. It finally got warm enough to bike around a couple of Saturdays ago, and Spencer and I biked all around East Harlem and Randall's Island with our friends. I had been dying to go biking because I hadn't gone since early November and this is a bit ridiculous considering I had never even biked in the city until August of last year. But now I'm hooked.

- Cross-country skiing in New Paltz (as seen here and here). It's the same place where we love to go in the fall and hike the Lemon Squeeze (seen here). Every time I'm up there, I never want to move. If you haven't been to the Hudson Valley area in New York, you haven't seen beauty. (ok, you probably have. but still, you are missing out.)

- Visiting my sister and her family in Boston, whom I hadn't seen since July! My niece and nephew had grown so much in the months we were apart!

- Spending time in the 'burbs with my in-laws before they move in less than a month (I'm kinda in denial about that). Who's gonna hike the Lemon Squeeze with us now??? And what about boating on summer weekends? Blech.

- Hanging out with the bestest lady friends ever, who were gracious enough to entertain me while Spencer worked night after night, weekend after weekend. Activities included but were not limited to going out for dinner, me organizing their kitchen, me organizing their closet (not the same friend as the kitchen), and talking til 2 am. (seriously tho, I love organizing. feel free to make me organize your home.)

- Doing city stuff on those rare weekends when Spencer wasn't working and the weather was good, like walking across the park to check out The Beatles exhibit in the Lincoln Center library. (It was pretty cool and free! Our favorite combo.)

- Having friends over. Unsurprisingly, I'm a real weenie about walking in the cold, so I much prefer it when friends come to our apartment. We've had our awesome city friends over for games, sporting events, and pi(e). Side note - I learned that most schools don't celebrate Pi Day! What is this monstrosity?!? Did yours? Did you sing the Pi Day song, a.k.a American Pie with the lyrics changed?

- Lastly, reading. I'm not Janssen or anything, but I knocked out 24 books in the first quarter of 2014, which is more I had in a while. This, of course, was all before Vampire Diaries came into my life and sucked up (get it?!) any reading time I would have had.

Alright, so the beginning of the year wasn't haw-ible. It might have been even been a bit good. But I'm still glad it's done. Here's to spring 2014!

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  1. Your weekends and time with friends sounds just lovely!