May 8, 2012

Nut balls

Brownies, dipped in peanut butter, rolled in crush walnuts - what!

If you read Grace's blog, then you are probably thinking that I stole her recipe. Don't worry - I did it with her permission. In fact, she gave me the idea to roll the bites in nuts instead of graham cracker crumbs after I complained that her recipe was tempting me and my no-sugar ways. She also named them - peanut butter brownie nut balls.

So, in sum, this post has been brought to you by Grace. Thanks, Grace.

Haha...nut balls...


  1. LOL - I totally was thinking this before I even started reading the post: "Haha... nut balls..."

  2. Grace is awesome. And her kids are downright adorable! I can't wait to try these. =)

  3. Nut balls! I love it. And they look good.
    ♡ Lexi
    FASHION: Glitter & Pearls
    WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

  4. haha I love that Emily going nuts said nut balls.

    anyway -- yours look WAY tastier ---- like Butterfinger heaven or something. omg. I might have to roll them in Butterfinger --- and then gain 9 pounds.




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