February 24, 2012

Friday Favorites

It's a cloudy, gloomy day in New York today, so here are some links that have brightened up my day.

Joe Fresh is my new favorite store. You must check it out. I got a swimsuit there for $24! And it wasn't even on sale! (What I was doing paying full-price, I have no idea.) Also, if you are in NY, the fall/winter sale at their 34th location is killer.

If you've read the Hunger Games, you must watch this. Spencer and I have been singing it for 3 weeks straight. (Original song is here.) Warning: there is some language.

And the award for funniest tumblr goes to this oneThis particular post had me crying.

I discovered this blog recently and spent hours going through the archives. Read their love story - wow, she is incredible. What an example of selfless love!

Finally, my best friend showed me this picture. Yes, it's real, and I'm totes jealous of that bike and that pony.

So what about you, bloggy friends? Anything sweet you saw on the interwebz?


  1. That Hunger Games song is hysterical! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. YOUR blog! I'm a new reader and loving it! Happy Friday!

  3. Hahaha! That tumblr with the animals talking in caps is hilarious! Especially the one that you thought was so funny. :)

  4. I love Joe Fresh! So great. Now I want to shop haha.

  5. Animals in all caps? Awesome. Thank you!


  6. Oh my! Can be we best friends?! Joe Fresh is my clothing savior - haha seriously, they have so many great items and the prices are fantastic. That hungergames spoof is amazing ...I really love lana's videogames, but this is far better ;) Great roundup post :) Lovely little blog you have here. Following you on bloglovin'


  7. My mind is boggled. You guest posted for Elaine once or twice, right? I had no idea you were friends with my cousin Sarah. The blog world is so small.

    1. Yeah, Sarah and I roomed together for a couple of semesters. Thank you again for your wonderful photography skills. That is seriously the best picture of my life.