January 9, 2012

In Celebration

You know how all wedding anniversaries have a type? Like one is the paper, another is tin, another is gold, etc. I think the 3rd wedding anniversary is the “eat tons of Peruvian food and walk until your feet fall off” anniversary because that’s what Spencer and I did this past weekend to celebrate ours*. 

On Friday, we took a long trek to a Peruvian restaurant called Pio Pio, and I gotta say, it’s was totally worth walking the two buildings down. We had food coming out of our ears, we ate so much and still had leftovers for Saturday. And then on Saturday, we walked around basically all of Manhattan. Or at least all of uptown. Don’t believe me? Here’s what our route roughly looked like:

We crossed midtown to 3rd Ave, walked up to E. 90th, cut back in towards 5th Ave, went to the Jewish Museum, entered Central Park, moseyed around the reservoir, traipsed a few blocks up to W. 96th, headed west to Broadway, and then dragged our feet down Broadway, back to our apartment in the W. 40s. Oh, and stopped at the grocery store on the way down.  

At the Jewish Museum

Lookin' all hard-core with our organic lollipops by the Jackie O. Reservoir.

Are we crazy? Possibly. Do I love it? Most definitely.
There is no better way to celebrate 3 wonderful years of marriage than enjoying beautiful weather (it was in the 50s!) while walking in the city I love with the man I love.
It was just one of those weekends when I couldn’t stop saying, “Gosh, I love our city.”

So Happy Anniversary, Spencer! It’s been a fabulous 3 years, and I look forward to many, many more. 

*Let’s pretend all this happened around or about December 27th. Because that was actually our anniversary.


  1. Aww how fun!! Happy anniversary to both of you! Sounds like you two had a wonderful time. :) Love that picture of you in front of the museum.


  2. Awww happy anniversary!! Y'all are such a sweet couple!

  3. Happy anniversary! The 27th is our anniversary too!!

  4. happy anniversary! erica you look bea-u-tiful in that photograph in front of the museum.

  5. happy anniversary! sounds like a fun weekend. i've never had peruvian food. i miss living in a place where i might actually be able to try it. ah well. also the jewish museum sounds way fun. i love museums.

  6. Happy anniversary! So glad you got to spend it in the city you love!

  7. Happy anniversary! Also, Pio Pio is delicious! :)