August 31, 2011

Cut it out

Dress: Kate Spade thrifted, Cardi: hand-me-down, Heels: Steve Madden, Folex: Spencer's
Dear Woman with Scissors,

Look, lady, I understand. Cutting stuff up is fun! From the ages 5-10, I cut every single one of my Barbies' hair. For one unfortunate year not too long ago, I even thought I could cut my own bangs. Yikes. Using scissors was always my favorite part of art class, and not much has changed. But seriously, even as much as I enjoy the steely sound of scissors snipping, I know where to draw the line. And a Kate Spade dress is on the "do-not-cut" side of the line!!!!!

Of course I went ahead and bought the dress you gave away ($2 for a Kate Spade sheath dress? Hecks yes!). And I also sewed up the 2 tiny holes you created in the fabric. But what can I do about bib/ruffle/whatever you removed from the neckline? Sure, I could take it to a tailor, but then the dress would no longer cost me $2. Guess I just have to wear it with pride and pretend no one can see the frayed neckline (which honestly, you really can't unless you get super duper close. Please, I'm not completely shameless).

But for the sake of all us thrifters, stop cutting up your expensive clothes!




  1. $2 Kate Spade dress? Yes please! It looks amazing- you would never notice the fraying and goon on ya for fixing the holes! Uh oh I still cut my bangs on occasion- how embarassing :)

  2. LOL I hope this woman is reading this. Who cuts a Kate Spade dress???? I love it.

  3. You thrifted that Kate Spade dress!?! Cut it out!! (<<< See what I did there. I'm so funny). But seriously, awesomely amazing. I want to come thrifting with you in NY!

  4. Lucky! What a good find! I really need to get into thrifting :)

  5. Oooohh that is so pretty. I love a good sheath dress, though I own none. I only cut clothing that is weird or awkward, never something that was probably good in the first place! Shame on the lady with scissors lol.

  6. Um, yes, you don't cut up a Kate Spade Dress. However, you look bananas in it, so it worked out nice for you. I'm very jealous of your thrift-find! I need this dress. Lovely. Thanks for linking up!