October 26, 2010

How Do You Like Them Apples

For Columbus Day weekend, Spencer and I went to visit my family. On Saturday, we took the my younger siblings apple picking.

It was a beautiful sunny day, as you can tell by Spencer's reflective skin.
We sampled the fare while filling our basket,
and my brother walked around like this (he's 12): There is nothing like fresh off-the-tree apples.

This is my older sister Jenna and her soon-to-be-born son. She's not a freshly picked apple, but I still like her.
And this is Spencer, me, and the yummy caramel cake my mom made for my birthday celebration:

It was a good weekend.

October 12, 2010

Too Poor to Invest Even During a Recession

I, Erica, at the age of 23 have a 401(k). I am super proud of my 401(k). Every time money gets deposited in my 401(k), it comes directly out of my paycheck, pre-tax! , I'm all, take that retirement! I mean, Spencer doesn't even have one, so not only am I providing for us now but also for our future. I know, I'm awesome.

In continuation with this awesomeness, I decided to meet with my Company's 401(k) fund manager, who was coming to the office anyway, and discuss investment options. Up to this point, it had just been sittin' in a cash fund collecting 0.0000000001%. I think I can get a better rate than that.

So I sit down with the 401(k) man and tell him my plan. Since I have a bajillion years til retirement and Spencer's pay will fund the bulk of our retirement, I want to do the craziest, most aggressive investing possible. If it goes well, awesome! If not, I got time to ride it out. Wonderful idea! 401(k) man says. However, he goes on, you don't have enough money to invest...in anything!


Apparently, my miniscule nest egg is just that, tiny! It might have something to do with the fact that the automatic deposit is only 3% of my paycheck. I dunno. So, 401(k) man said to put some more away (a lot more) and we will meet again in 6 months.

My 401(k) is too small to invest! I struggled to not laugh in his face, I thought it was so funny. I told Spencer, and he laughed as well.

I'm not that concerned either. I will get my Company's match at the end of the year, so that helps. It still feels good to save for the future. Try it, and you will see what I mean.

October 8, 2010

Spending Time with Friends

This is how we spend time with friends:

Punching a Dora the Explorer pinata at our El Dieciocho de Septiembre fiesta.

October 5, 2010

Don't Mess With Me When I'm Sleep Deprived

As is normal in apartment buildings, Spencer and I share a wall with our neighbor. This wall is quite long and runs the length of our apartment. Our bed, couch, and kitchen table all abut this wall.

The other day, which seriously was a Wednesday, we learned that our neighbor's subwoofer also abuts this wall when we were woken up at 3 IN THE MORNING to our bed being SHAKEN because our neighbor's bass was SO LOUD! After tossing and turning for a second or two, I sent Spencer out to deal with this incredibly rude insomniac. With reggeaton beating in my brain, I attempted to calm my profanity-laced thoughts and waited for Spencer to return and the music to end. But he didn't come back! What was taking so long? Where could he be? Was our noisy neighbor beating Spencer into a bloody pulp because he didn't want to turn off the music? And why did he only play the same beat over and over?

Long after my imagination went into overdrive, Spencer came back and said although he hammered on the door for 10 minutes, no one ever came to the door.

And still the music was pounding, pounding, POUNDING! I couldn't take it any longer! I tried to sleep on the floor, but I could hear it there too! Augh! I couldn't take it any more! I started crying, beating my fist on the ground and saying repeatedly "I want to kill him! I want to kill him! I want to kill him!"

Finally, I did what we should have done at start of this madness; I clobbered our adjoining wall. And guess what? The music got quieter, quieter, quieter, until it stopped completely. And if I had seen our neighbor that night, his face would have gotten bloodier, bloodier, bloodier until my fists decided to have mercy on miserable existence/face.

Of course I can now laugh about this all, after calling the police on him. But still, don't mess with my sleep. I don't like it.