May 21, 2010

Sorry, I can't blog right now; I have to do homework

No, this isn't Spencer, and his seemingly never-ending finals were not extend into eternity. This homework is mine, Erica's, because I am back in school! My Company asked if I would like to take Accounting classes, and I said of course!

Now, it's not full-time and it doesn't go towards a degree, but I am taking an Accounting 101 night class at Baruch College, a City University of New York (a public school). The class meets once a week for 2 1/2 hours and has only been going for 2 weeks, so most of the stuff hasn't been anything new. The class is less than 20 students, all have bachelor's degrees, and are taking the class for general knowledge.

I had never even heard of Baruch College until I found the class, so here are some facts (according to the reliable Wikipedia) about Baruch as I imagine most of you wonderful readers hadn't heard of it either:
  • Established in 1919

  • Undergraduates: 12,870

  • Graduates: 3,240

  • Its Zicklin School of Business is the largest collegiate school o' business in the US

  • There is no defined campus; only buildings scattered around in the Gramercy/Flatiron District.

  • In America's Best Colleges 2010, Baruch was ranked 6th public, and 36th Master's University in the North

  • The undergraduate business programs were ranked 33rd nationally, the second most highly regarded in the NY/NJ metropolitan area

A few years ago when I was trying to figure out what to study, my dad told me I should get a degree in business, and I was all like, no way! I want to study about people and how societies function and interact. I think my dad really just wanted me to follow in his footsteps (he graduated in Accounting and got his CPA), but I was going down my own path. Yeah...I can hear his laughter from here.

Now, excuse me; I have to do homework.