October 28, 2009

E.T. in the Park

On Monday night, the local neighborhood association held a showing of E.T. in the park across the street from our apartment. People passed around candy and a lady with a "Neighborhood Witch" shirt passed out individually wrapped bags of popcorn. Needless to say, our desire for delicious sustenance outweighed our Hansel and Gretel childhood policy of not accepting candy from strangers.

I had not seen E.T. since I was a little kid, so this was a good refresher - what a great movie! They preceded the movie with Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video which was an excellent touch. I think that this will have to become a yearly October tradition for us.

Picture courtesy of our Erica's new bday camera - thanks, Dave and Kimi!

October 23, 2009

Celebrity Sighting #3

*Celebrity Sighting Alert*

So now you might think the score is tied, but it's not. Spencer has seen one more celebrity than I. He was saving this until after I posted about Matthew Broderick, but I'm pulling the rug from under his feet! At NYU's family day luncheon, Spencer saw this guy:

James Cromwell. You might recognize him as the farmer in Babe or as Bush, Sr. in W. Apparently, his daughter goes to NYU law. So Spencer might have seen more celebrities, but I beat him to the punch about publishing it. Take that! Love you, sweetie!

Celebrity Sighting Scorecard

Spencer: 2
Erica: 1

October 22, 2009

Celebrity Sighting #2

*Celebrity Sighting Alert*

I come home from work yesterday, and Spencer, all bubbly and bouncy, asks if I've seen his latest post on the blog. I hadn't, and when I ask him to tell me what it is, he told me he's started a competition between us. What kind of competition, I ask. A celebrity sighting competition, he replies. As you all know, Spencer saw Bruce Willis, but who did I see on Tuesday?

Matthew Broderick!

I was walking on W. 47th between 7th and 8th (we live on 46th b/t 9th and 10th), and here comes Ferris Bueller, walking my way. Of course, I just stared at him, trying to realize why he looked familiar, and by the time I figured it out, he had walked on by. Either way, we brushed shoulders, so we are practically best friends now.

Celebrity Sighting Scorecard

Spencer: 1
Erica: 1

October 21, 2009

Celebrity Sighting #1

*Celebrity Sighting Alert*

I saw Bruce Willis 2 blocks from our house last week. It was pretty much awesome. He was on his cell phone, but I'm pretty sure he told me he wants me in his next Die Hard movie.

Celebrity Sighting Scorecard

Spencer: 1
Erica: 0

October 3, 2009

Erica's Birthday Week(s)

Anyone who knows Erica knows how much she loves celebrations. Especially when those celebrations are for HER! As many of you know, Erica celebrated her 22nd birthday this past Thursday, Oct. 1. Her birthday is always super easy to remember (and her little reminders make it even easier), which is a bonus for me, as husband. Here is a tentative history/schedule for Erica's many birthday celebrations this week/next week:

Thursday - office party at work, dinner at Pong Sri Thai restaurant in midtown Manhattan (really nice place), opening of presents/brownies a la mode. For her bday, I gave her a copy of the infamous AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN cookbook and some beautiful roses.
Friday-Sunday - we head to my parents' place in Scarsdale for the weekend. Another party complete with homeade cheesecake scheduled for Sunday.

Next weekend - Erica heads to her parents' home in Massachusetts to see her grandma and continue the birthday festivities.

But, let's be honest. Erica deserves the best. She is definitely a 5-birthday wife.